20th Mass Infantry Prepares For First Action #KRNL_VIC


Welcome to The Colonel and The Vicar, my book-in-progress about two of my ancestors that fought in the American Civil War… on opposite sides… on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.


Colonel Henry Martyn Tremlett was initially a member of the 20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  Henry was also my great-great-granduncle.

The Reverend Francis William Tremlett, D.D., was the Vicar of St. Peter’s Church in Belsize Park, London, and the foremost English collaborator with the Confederacy.  Francis was also my first cousin, four times removed.  Henry and Francis were first cousins to each other.

On this day 153 years ago, the 20th Massachusetts and other elements of the Army of the Potomac are encamped at Poolesville, Maryland about 12 miles from the Potomac River and the border with Virginia, performing picket duty as they anxiously await imminent orders to cross the Potomac and establish a presence in the Confederacy as part of Union General George McClellan’s Northern Virginia Campaign.  It will be the first action for Henry and his regiment.

It has been three months since the Confederate victory at the first Battle of Bull Run or First Manassas as it was known in the South.

Current schedule: “The Colonel and The Vicar” is scheduled to go to the editor in January, 2016.


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