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Hello faithful followers! While “The Colonel and The Vicar” is still with my editor, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the two main characters in the book. The first is my great-great-uncle, Lt. Col. Henry Martyn Tremlett. Here’s what he looked like shortly after joining the 20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as a captain and commanding officer of Company A.

HenryAsCaptainHenry was part of a large family that lived in Dorchester, MA, and worked in his father’s successful merchant shipping business before the war. One of Henry’s sisters, Cordelia, married my great-great-grandfather, Charles L. Rayner. Marie thinks that “Henry was a hunk”.

The other main character is my first cousin (four generations removed) and Henry’s first cousin, Francis William Tremlett. “Frank” grew up in Twillingate, Newfoundland where he initially became an Anglican missionary to the local eskimos that lived there. Father Frank would travel from Newfoundland to briefly live in Boston before taking ship to England where he would settle permanently and found the Church of St. Peter’s in Belsize Park outside London.

PixOfTheVicar1860_1870_cropped&resized He was the principal English collaborator with the Confederate States of America. Regrettably, the quality of this photograph is about the best I could find. The dearth of photographs of the Reverend Francis may owe to anecdotal evidence that I was told that many of his papers were destroyed after the end of the civil war. He was a true renaissance man who was well-travelled, could speak multiple languages, held four doctorates (including one of Doctor of Divinity), and had a voice and style that could really hold ’em in the pews on Sunday.

‘Til next time ….

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