#krnl_vic Inexorably Lurches Toward Publishing #amwriting


My book, “The Colonel and the Vicar”, has gotten past the significant obstacles of last month and is heading into the home stretch. Copyrights resolved, beta-readers are done, interior book file has been accepted by the book mill. Full cover should be ready in a week. Made new connections “across the pond”.

The only thing that I need to wait for is the copyright for the book from the federal government, and I’m not sure how long that’ll take because I didn’t copyright my first book. Thing is, one has to wait until the book is in final form because an electronic copy is required as part of the submission process, so one can’t arrange to get the copyright ahead of time.

Still, I must admit to a bit of excitement over a project that took more than two years in the making. I sometimes wondered if I’d ever finish. The book defies any single literary pigeonhole… the story uniquely combines historically accurate events, prose, and my personal ancestry in the persons of the main characters, Henry and Francis. Because the historical events are intertwined with their history, the story underscores the genesis and importance of those events, as well as the part that both men played on that stage of history. The scope of the Civil War is huge. Therefore in the case of Henry, the story includes descriptions of only the battles that he participated in. For Francis, though he was a non-combatant, the story includes his involvement in the espionage vis-à-vis Confederate naval operations which were greatly influenced by his collaboration with the South.

Until next time (not long I hope!) …



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