Book Launch! “The Colonel and the Vicar” by Edward Rayner Published on Amazon – Kindly please R/T #krnl_vic #amwriting


I’m happy to announce that my book “The Colonel and the Vicar” has been published on Amazon. If you’ve been following since I started posting about the timeline of creating the story, then you already know that this is not the typical book about the Civil War. It’s a book about two of my ancestors that were on opposite sides of the war… from opposite sides of the ocean… and how there lives intertwined with the historic events of their day. It also speaks to the considerable international influence on the war, particularly from the United Kingdom, an aspect of the war that doesn’t get much attention.

For any newbies, it is the story of Henry Martyn Tremlett, my great-great-granduncle, who became a captain in the Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment (eventually, a colonel in the 39th Mass.), and Francis William Tremlett, my ancestral cousin, an Anglican priest who arguably became the foremost English collaborator with the Confederacy. Henry and Francis were first cousins to one another.

So it’s part genealogy, part biography, part history, and I hope, part entertaining.

If you’re interested in stories about the Civil War, check it out on Just log in to your account and search for the title, “The Colonel and the Vicar” in the “Books” category. If you haven’t bought stuff online from Amazon, browse to and create an account in order to make purchases.

Price of Print Book and Kindle EBook is the same… $19.99.

I’d like to thank everyone who provided support and encouragement during the development of “The Colonel and the Vicar”.

Even though the book’s finished, this blog will continue with future posts.

’til next time,


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