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Hello!  Welcome to my blog, “The Colonel and The Vicar”.  My name is Ed, and the blog’s subject is a book which I’m writing that combines two of my personal interests: my family ancestry and the American Civil War.  More specifically, the blog will chronicle the progress of my writing the book.  Even though this sounds like a beginning, the genesis of the book started more than eight years ago, but circumstances prevented me from really getting any traction until a few months ago.  This is a huge project … much larger than I ever thought … research never ends, even once you’ve started to put pen to paper, so-to-speak (actually I don’t know how writers survived before word processing).

Another reason is that in the process of research, I’ve made some friends in Canada and “across the pond” in England.  Up until now I’ve communicated either by personal emails or by “Tweets” (140-character messages sent through the social medium “Twitter”).  I’ll be creating a “feed” from this blog to Twitter so that I can say as much as I want without limiting myself to 140 characters, and the same message will go out to anyone that chooses to follow me.  Of course you don’t have to become a “Twitterite” … you can just drop into the blog directly anytime you want.

The last thing I want to say is that the subject of the American Civil War can be controversial and for some, well, emotional.  I welcome lively discussion, in fact I strongly ask you to leave comments – the lifeblood of any blog.  All I ask is that you keep it clean, and respect everyone.




2 thoughts on “About The Blog and Its Author

  1. My Name is Elizabeth Fell Lynn. I am a direct decesenant of Margaret Fell (mother of quakerism) who was married to Judge Fell of Swathmore Hall England.

    The Tremletts are a part of my family tree. My Grandfather was Col. Edgar Tremlett Fell, US Army WWi and WWII. A friend of mine across the “pond” in England is researching the Rev. Tremlett and his association with the Civil War in the United States.

    I am collecting information on the Fell Family of Swathmore Hall, The Tremletts (Isabella Tremlett I thnk married a Dr. Hunter — and one of her daughters married a Fell. My given Name is Elizabeth Hunter Fell. (We children all carrry First or Last names of the family as either given first names or middle names. Can you offer other sites of reference which may be helpful? I have a history of the The Tremlett Family and The Hunter.. The Hunter family is of royal descent from King Edward the First. I have a whole history of the Fell, Hunter and Tremlett families which was compliled by my late great Uncle BG John C. Fell.

    Other than the 3″ typed binder of history of the Fell and related families, there are still empty spot. wonder if you had anything of interest.


    • Hello Ms. Lynn,
      Delighted to receive your blog comment.
      From my blog you undoubtedly know of the book I released in 2016, “The Colonel and the Vicar”, the true story of two of my (and yours!) ancestors, Henry Martyn Tremlett and Francis William Tremlett. The book grew out of my interest in my family’s genealogy.
      As a result I can tell you that Isabella Mary Tremlett (1828 – 1891) descended from Tremletts who emigrated from Devonshire, England, to Twillingate, Newfoundland/Labrador in 1775.
      I can confirm that her daughter, Isabella Louisa Hunter (1858 – 1934), married Thomas Tremlett Fell (1850 – 1942) in 1881. She had four children, some of whom I traced to Baltimore and California, and I suspect that the BG John C. Fell that you refer to may be either John Corry D. Fell (1898 – 1933) or his son, John C. Fell (1928 – 2014), however I did not do extensive research for the Fells because at the time it was growing far afield from the main focus of my book. As it has been years since I did the investigation, I would have to go back and verify my accuracy, so consider what I’ve said as clues rather than verified fact.
      As for sources for information that I could suggest, I’ve relied on ancestry.com for the family tree stuff, but I’ve also relied on bits of verifiable online content elsewhere, at sites too numerous to list. I also contacted individuals from Belsize Park in England, the California Fells and the Baltimore Fells in 2014. I’m sure you’ll understand that I don’t mention their names out of respect for their privacy, but I think that the Baltimore Fells were descendants of Margaret Fell.
      I hope this helps your search. I have more “stuff” but they are hardcopy in boxes and I would have to locate them. I do recall an extensive family tree of the Tremletts that describes the family pedigree well back into English history. If your intent is to trace your family’s roots in England, this document could be a help. Let me know if you would like it… if you do I’ll try and scare it up for you if I can. I hesitated to make the offer in case I can’t locate it. It’s quite a stack of paper.
      Best regards,
      Edward Rayner


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