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Hello!  Welcome to my blog, “The Colonel and The Vicar”.  My name is Ed, a retired software engineer after thirty years. During that time I acquired a hobby of researching my family ancestry. After retiring, I began to expand my exploration for interesting ancestors and then write about them within the context of history. Having said that, this blog’s subject is a book about two such forebears which I’ve written that tells the story of Henry Martyn Tremlett, who would rise to the rank of colonel in the Union army during the American Civil War, and his first cousin, the Rev. Dr. Francis William Tremlett, an Anglican priest who became the foremost collaborator in England with the Confederacy. The story also describes the significant role, in my opinion underserved in our history books, that was played by the European nations, particularly the United Kingdom.

In the earlier posts, the blog chronicled the progress of my writing the book. After TCATV was published in June, 2016, the blog continues with posts that highlight significant events in the lives of the two main characters. In some cases I post about “sub-stories” from TCATV with more or additional information than is contained in the book. I’m constantly learning more about both ancestors.

The last thing I want to say is that the subject of the American Civil War can be controversial and for some, well, emotional.  I welcome lively discussion, in fact I humbly ask you to leave comments – the lifeblood of any blog.  All I ask is that you keep it clean, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.


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